(9/6/12) THROW IS WORKING ON ITS FOURTH ALBUM. The band is currently at work on our fourth, their first full-length with guitarist Alan Roldan. I'll try to update this site as often as I can from now on (easier said than done, though).

THROW LAUNCHES BELIEVE, THE BAND'S THIRD ALBUM. The third album is out, finally. We launched it at the Leprechaun Bar last January. The album is available at some Cartimar shops (on Recto Avenue) like Middle Finger and a couple of others. The members also have some copies that they sell at P200 a pop. Those who bought during the launch were lucky because Counterflow Records sold the album for P150 each. Well, that's one of the benefits of attending a launch.

Also please do check out this week's issue of the Philippines Free Press (with Cesar Montano on the cover, barf). This issue has an review of the third album written by Erwin Romulo.

It's been quite a while since I last updated this website. I'll try to update everything on this---the discography, the mp3 files, the lyrics, and whatever else needs to be updated.

Anyway, thank you to all those who attended the launch and bought the album. Salamat talaga.

- Al


THROW'S SECOND ALBUM "UNWAVERING" IS OUT! Our second album "Unwavering" is now out in the market. Finally. And there are just so many people out there to thank. 

We would first like to thank all thUnwavering Album Coverose who supported the album and the launch. Thanks to Ron Schlander, Jeremy Nishimori, Mona, and Boyet Miguel of Counterflow Records who took the band in (in our time of need. Haha) and produced the album. Counterflow Records is an independent record label and we are proud to be part of it, especially since the people behind the label are good friends of ours.

Thanks to all the great bands who supported us during the actual launch last July 12: The Go Signals, The Beauty of Doubt, Tame the Tikbalang, Music Front and Choke Cocoi.

Thanks to the MAIM Collective for producing the launch and to PMX (Rommel and George) for providing the awesome sound system.

Thanks to Je and Gigi whose website promoted the band, the album and the launch. 

Our gratitude also goes to those who came to the launch--friends and supporters whose unwavering faith in the music has been keeping local punk rock and hardcore alive and well.

We are really happy to finally be able to share the music that we worked hard to put together for the last several months (years?). I do hope that people who buy the album will like what they hear. 

I'll be doing a song-by-song annotation of the music in the album when I get the time--how we came up with the songs, how we put them together, and how we recorded them. Check back in also for some photos taken during the launch.

I'll also be posting soon some of the outlets where you can get the album. In the meantime, you may email me at if you would like to order directly from me. 

That's it for now. Thanks again to everyone who supported us. We'll figure out a way to return the favor. In the meantime, keep the faith, guys.



(6/4/08) LAUNCH OF THE SECOND ALBUM (JULY 12, 2008). And so it goes that the album is almost finished. We are now in the mastering stage and are now doing the finishing touches--soundbites, album cover, inlay, and other stuff. The launch of the album will be produced by the MAIM Collective (Manila Independent Music Collective) and will be on July 12, 2008 at the Center for the Arts, Timog, Quezon City. The title of the launch is KEEPING THE FAITH and guest bands will be Tame the Tikbalang, Betrayed, Music Front, The Beauty of Doubt, The Go Signals, and Choke Cocoi.

The album will be available for sale during the gig. I do hope our friends support the album. It's a product of our blood, sweat and tears, and we are really proud of it. It's a totally do-it-yourself (DIY) effort but we tried to ensure a level of quality that's comparable to mainstream releases. Well, fuck the mainstream anyway so it doesn't really matter. Still, we wanted to come up with something that our supporters would be happy with. 

If you want to hear some samples, I uploaded a couple in my personal multiply site (which features my music, my photography, and my writings). The address is There's also a sample in the band's MySpace site which Albert maintains ( More on the launch at So there. See you on the 12th of July.

- Al


(4/14/08) THROW THEM ALL AWAY (Rough Mix).  Here's a treat for our supporters--an advance copy of Throw Them All Away. This song will appear in the second album but its mix hasn't been finalized yet. So, the sound is still a bit rough around the edges. I hope you like the song. There's more where it came from.

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The album is now in the mixing stage and is nearing completion. However, we'd like to take our time in the mix so we could come up with something that our fans and supporters would be happy with. Wish us good luck.



(3/27/08) SECOND ALBUM UPDATES.  We've recorded all the drum tracks and are now laying in the guitar and bass tracks. The vocal tracThrow at Purple Haze Clubks will be done next week. We used Monopond Studio for the drum tracks and our own home studio for all the rest. I'd like to thank Boyet Miguel of Tame the Tikbalang for lending us his V-Amp 2 (for the guitars), his JBL monitor speakers, and his MXL vocal microphone. Thanks also to Rommel for lending us his drums for the recording.

This album is really a D.I.Y. effort, from recording up to the final stages of release. However, we're trying to make sure that the overall sound of the album is at par with current standards (note: we're trying). Definitely, it will sound better than the first because we have total control from the drum track recording up to the final stages of mastering. Moreover, we have better sound equipment now.

We're still trying to figure out the final title of the album. We have lots of ideas in mind and it's hard to decide which one to use. We're
currently also trying to decide on the final album artwork. Some artist-friends have given us their layouts but we still haven't decided which one to use. Personally, I want it to be different from the crazy cover artwork that can be seen in most punk albums. I prefer it nice and simple.

Anyway, I'll be back in a week or so, maybe upload a song or two as some sort of a teaser. Till then... keep your feet on the ground and your dreams in the sky.



(3/6/08) UPDATES.  We've recorded the drum tracks for 8 songs. There had been some problems in the recording but we're in the process of fixing them. We will be recording the drum tracks for the remaining songs in a couple of weeks; we're still rehearsing the drum parts. At any rate, we will be laying down the guitar, bass and vocal tracks after all the drum tracks have been recorded. We'll be doing the other tracks in our home studio, so, the album will be a DIY thing again. As it should be.

Anyway, we're not accepting any gigs at the moment. We're trying to focus on the production of the album. Right now, we've already put together around 13 songs. We'll try to come up with 14, like in the first album.

I'm excited about this new album because of the simple fact that the sound of the band here will be a bit different from what was heard in the first album. Most of the songs are fast but a bit more melodic.Don't worry, we haven't slowed down. Not just yet. The thing is, the first album was on amphetamines and we don't want to repeat ourselves in two successive outings. So there. 

So when will we be able to finish the album? Well, I guess sometime before the next schoolyear starts. Hopefully.



(1/19/08) LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE OF TWO NEW SONGS UPLOADED.  I uploaded raw live video footage of the band's performance of "Throw Them All Away" and "Free." The videos were taken during last night's tribute gig for Luis Guiang (to mark his first death anniversary). The video clips are, well, in the VIDEOS section (click the link on the left column). 

Anyway, the gig was fun. The audience response to our new songs is highly encouraging which makes us even more eager to finish the second album. We might be recording the drum tracks of the first few songs in a couple of weeks. I'll give you regular updates here.

By the way, Spyk, our young new drummer, received rave reviews of his performance for the past two nights. Good for him. In a year or two, he'll be a force to reckon with. And he's only sixteen years old.

- Al


(1/18/08) IT WAS ALL GOOD.  The MAIM Collective gig last night at the Maru Bar on Jupiter Street was fun. It became a reunion of sorts as friends from the original local punk scene in the 80s came out to play. Arnold (of the Urban Bandits and, later, Put3ska) came with Je Bautista (of Absolute Zero and Betrayed). They re-formed Music Front (a post-Urban Bandits punk band fronted by Arnold himself) and played a fun set. Chiloy (of the Sex Militants and Public Scandal) also came with his new band the Nu Militants. G.I. and the Idiots were there (sans Luis, of course) as well as Tame the Tikbalang (who gave the younger new-school hardcore bands a lesson in how new-school hardcore should be played). Of course, The Go Signals, with old friend Mel Maniego (of Private Stock), played a wicked set as well.

We introduced some of the new songs that will go into the second album. It was good that the crowd seemed to respond well to the new songs. Normally, the audience would not slam to songs that are unfamiliar. Good sign. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tonight's gig at Purple Haze on Tomas Morato, Quezon City. It's tribut
e gig for Luis who passed away one year ago today. The gig marks his first death anniversary.

- Al

Throw at Center for the Arts

(1/17/08) THE MAIM COLLECTIVE IS BACK! GIG TONIGHT AT MARU BAR IN MAKATI.  It's been a couple of months since my last update. That's how busy I've been. Well, we have been rehearsing for the second album every week now and the song line-up is almost complete. We just need to polish the arrangement of the songs a bit more so that Spyk can start recording the drum tracks. By the way, MAIM Collective is back. MAIM is a group of Manila-based bands that includes THROW, Tame the Tikbalang, End of Man, Demiurge, The Beauty of Doubt, and a few others. The collective used to hold regular gigs at Killa John, but when the venue suddenly became unavailable, the collective no longer had any place to get together and play for their supporters. The group started to lie low. Now, the MAIM Collective is back and will have a gig... well, TONIGHT at the Maru Bar on Jupiter Street, Makati.

The line-up of bands includes: Throw, Bad Omen, Utter Dismay, N
u Militants (composed of former members of Sex Militants), Tame the Tikbalang, The Go Signals (fronted by Mel Maniego of Private Stock), By Storm, G.I. and the Idiots, and End of Man. 

Anyway, that will be a good one. We will be playing new material tonight. We wont' be playing songs from the first album. Instead, we will be playing four new songs that will appear in the second album (and which we have not played live yet). That'll be fun. I hope to see you there.

- Al


Throw at Inihaw Republic
Throw at Inihaw Republic. From left: Ojie (drums), Al (vocals), Dennis (bass), and Albert (guitar).


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