One of the first live performances of the song "Throw Them All Away." The song will be included in Throw's upcoming second album. This video was taken during the gig to mark the first death anniversary of Luis Guiang. January 18, 2008.


The clip below was also taken during the concert to mark Luis Guiang's first death anniversary (January 18, 2008). The title of the song is "Free." It will also be included in the band's second album.


This is a recent video of a rehearsal of "Free," a new song that will be included in the band's second album.


This is a music video of "Hang" done by a friend of the band.
(Thanks to Bianca M. for the vid)


This fairly recent video is a performance from the Luis Guiang tribute concert held at the Center for the Arts in Quezon City.


The video below is a live performance of the Dead Ends classic "Guns/Noise Barrage"

(Purple Haze, 10/28/06).

Weslu Guiang (may his soul rest in peace) played the drums in this Throw gig.


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THROW' is at work on their fourth album. For release in December 2012.